Azad Engineering share  price was locked in the 20% upper circuit limit in Tuesday’s intraday trade

Celebs invested Azad Engineering share shows sharp up move on the news of its strategic partnership with  Rolls-Royce. Azad Engineering and auto Rolls-Royce are talk of the town on a ground-breaking strategic partnership they made before few hours. This deal will be in benefit for both the partners.

Background: Azad Engineering is the known name in the field of innovative engineering solutions as well as aerospace components and turbine manufacturing field. It has known successful track record in delivering top-quality products, has been a prominent player in the industry for many years. On the flip side, Rolls-Royce has set a niche for itself as a tech-driven company, know for its cutting-edge solutions across variety of sectors, including automation, manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

The Deal: The strategic partnership between Azad Engineering and Rolls-Royce is set to be a good collaboration that leverages the strengths of both companies. The deal includes various aspects such as joint research, technology integration, development initiatives and joint projects aimed at addressing current challenges in the field of manufacturing and engineering sector. Azad Engineering informed investors through an exchange filing On Monday, during market hours. As per this exchange filing, it has informed that the company(Azad Engineering) has signed a 7-year long-term contract with Rolls-Royce to produce and supply critical engine parts for Rolls-Royce’ defence and military aircraft engines.

Key Highlights:

R&D (Research and Development): Azad Engineering and Rolls-Royce are committing resources to strengthen research and development initiatives in manufacturing, engineering and automobile sector. This joint collaboration aims to explore new avenues in automation, engineering and other relevant fields. The synergy between Azad Engineering’s industry experience and Rolls Roys’ technological progress is anticipated to yield ground-breaking innovations in the respective fields.

Technology Integration: The partnership will focus on the integration of Rolls Roys’ advanced technological solutions into Azad Engineering’s manufacturing processes. This amalgamation is expected to streamline operations, enhance efficiency and pave the way for the development of smart manufacturing practices.

Strategic Investments: The deal involves strategic investments from both the companies, signifying a long-term commitment to the partnership. These investments will be directed towards technology upgrades, infrastructure development and other areas that support the collaborative objectives of Azad Engineering and Rolls Roys.

Market Expansion: The partnership opens up opportunities for both the participants to explore new markets and expand their footprints worldwide. By joining hands with their strengths, the companies focus on to tap into emerging markets and stay ahead of industry trends.

Skill Exchange Programs: To foster a culture of skill development and knowledge sharing, the deal includes provisions for employee exchange programs. This cross-pollination of talent will be beneficial to enrich the workforce of both companies and contribute to a dynamic and innovative work environment.


The said deal marks a significant milestone in the engineering(Azad Engineering) and technology(Rolls Roys) sectors. As these two industry giants join hands, the stage is set for a transformative journey that holds great potential for innovation, growth and global impact. The strategic partnership is expected to resize the industry standards, setting a precedent for future collaborations in the ever-evolving sectors of engineering and technology. Watch out our website for updates on the exciting developments arising from this ground-breaking alliance.

How stock market responded the deal

Share price of Azad Engineering  were locked in the 20% upper circuit limit in Tuesday’s(30-01-2024) intraday trade. Stock price has reached a historic high of ₹854.30 apiece. This upward movement cam after 5.30% gain in the yesterday’s trading session, driven by the company’s strategic partnership with Rolls-Royce.

In the wake of this partnership announcement with Rolls-Royce, Azad Engineering share prices experienced a notable uptick of humongous 20% up move, reflecting the positive sentiments among investors regarding the potential benefits of the partnership with Rolls Roys. The market responded favorably to the prospect of enhanced technological integration, joint research initiatives, and the anticipation of market expansion resulting from the partnership.

The days leading up to the official announcement witnessed increased trading activity in Azad Engineering’s shares, with a gradual uptrend in prices as speculation about a potential strategic move circulated in markets. At the end, the official confirmation of the partnership acted as a catalyst, propelling the share prices to new heights. Azad Engineering received good response on its recent IPO on Indian exchanges on 28th December last year. The IPO price was ₹524 per share and it got listed with 37.40% premium to the IPO price of ₹720 per share. The stock has gone through a significant 63% increase from its IPO price, in very short time period.

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